Most companies are focused on the day-to-day business grind. It’s only when it comes to raising finance or exploring other potential growth opportunities that they realise they need to critically assess their business plans. If you’re a start-up applying for seed finance, or perhaps it’s simply an appropriate time to take stock, Strat23 can assist you to succinctly capture the essence of your organisation and its future potential.

TwentyThree has worked with organisations at all levels. We co-ordinate and manage strategy workshops to explore future opportunities, and how you can make the most of them. We then distill this into strategy documents and business plans which are ready to be sent to potential partners or funders.

It’s been our experience that a well-run strategy session can not only result in the necessary business collateral to present to funders, but can often lead to revenue streams you hadn’t even thought of. Schedule a strategy workshop. Let us show you your future organisation.